UPS Products

Protect your equipment’s & applications with efficient, reliable UPS systems that meet the specific needs.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies - UPS

Data center UPS Migtech

Data Center UPS

3 Phase UPS power protection, fully integrated solutions for enterprise-wide networks, data centres, mission-critical systems, & industrial/manufacturing processes.

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    Special Applications UPS Migtech

    Special Applications

    Secure power systems for special single phase and 3 Phase UPS applications including industrial UPS, controls and renewable energy, marine and other special configurations

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      Network and Server

      Power availability and management for entry-level to high-performance servers, storage and business networking systems

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        offline ups

        Computer and Peripheral

        Battery backup and surge protection for computer systems, home networking, external storage, gaming, home servers and other electronics

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          Get your products with Migtech

          With Migtech, your machinery is forever new and efficient! We sell not just equipment, but also high-grade after-sale services. We have the expertise and workforce to repair and revamp your machines in quick timeframes. We understand that immediate help is pivotal when it comes to repairs. This is why with us you will have complete access to well-trained engineers and service technicians. Be it mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or a simple paint job, rest assured, you will always find it easy to handle when you call us in for assistance.

          Advantages at a glance

          The critical systems that sustain your business operations can't go down. Migtech supports you in improving your uptime with a full range of innovative uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and future-proof, integrated UPS systems, that will cover the backup power needs of your IT infrastructure, from small computer rooms at the network edge to enterprise and hyper-scale data centres. Discover the best UPS to protect your application

          Zero Emissions

          Our hydrogen fuel cells and battery-powered options produce no carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases while in use, making them sustainable, emissions-cutting options.

          Workhorse Efficient

          Hydrogen fuel cells convert energy directly, making the technology an efficient option able to compete even with fossil-fuel powered alternatives.

          Reduced Service & Maintenance

          From no oil changes to zero smog checks or spark plug replacements, all-electric vehicles offer maintenance-free motors, eliminating downtime and costs.

          Decreased Noise

          The silent nature of battery power means job sites can work early mornings and evenings while neighbourhoods enjoy a decrease in motor noise.

          Road Warrior

          Thanks to their high energy density, fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) can go great distances and excel even with heavier loads.

          No Recharge, Rapid Refuel

          Filling up an FCEV takes about as much time as topping off a typical fossil-fuel-powered car or truck, making it ideal for high-utilization vehicles.

          Reduced Infrastructure

          Because they don’t require fast-charging stations, FCEVs eliminate the need for significant power connections and local energy storage.

          Reliable Power Source

          Fuel cells are grid-independent, which means they’re excellent power backups for hospitals, banks, and data/telecommunications centres where outages can be vital.

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