Maintenance Service in UAE

Our Machine maintenance is the work that keeps mechanical assets running with minimal downtime.

What We Do

Reactive maintenance

Reactive maintenance refers to repairs done when a machine has already reached failure. Since it’s unexpected, unplanned, and usually leads to rushed, emergency repairs, It’s often called “fighting fires.”

Run to fail maintenance

It involves letting a piece of equipment run until it breaks down. A plan is in place to ensure parts and labour are available to get the asset up and running, or replaced, as soon as possible.

Routine maintenance

Routine maintenance consists of basic maintenance tasks, such as checking, testing, lubricating, and replacing worn or damaged parts on a planned and ongoing basis.

Corrective maintenance

Any work that gets assets back into proper working order is most commonly associated with smaller, non-invasive tasks that fix a problem before a complete failure occurs with a routine inspection.

Time based Preventive maintenance

Time-based preventive maintenance is tasks scheduled at a certain time interval, such as the last day of every month or every 10 days.

Usage based Preventive maintenance

Usage-based preventive maintenance is when work is scheduled based on the operation of equipment, such as after 500 miles or 15 production cycles.

Condition-based maintenance

Perform maintenance when there is evidence of decreased performance or upcoming failure. This evidence can be obtained through inspection, performance data, or scheduled tests, and it can be gathered either regularly or continuously, through the use of internal sensors.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance builds on condition-based maintenance, using tools and sensors to track machinery performance in real-time. This enables the identification of potential problems so they can be corrected before failure occurs.

Prescriptive maintenance

It is a process even further through the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). With a prescriptive maintenance strategy in place, sensors track machinery performance in real-time and use AI to let you know what maintenance work needs to be done and when.

Remote Expert Center - 24/7 Equipment Maintenance Service in UAE

Expert centre for electrical systems available around the clock for rapid assistance with troubleshooting by remote maintenance.

Performance You Can Count On!

Migtech Maintenance Service provides qualified and committed on-site competence for all types of industrial plants, oil and gas equipment and fossil power plants. For decades, Migtech Maintenance Service has been successfully servicing plants of every type all over the UAE. Continually working to expand and improve the field service offerings and performance, Migtech has become a first choice partner for many owners and operators – a reliable and proud partner. Benefit from the expertise and experience of an industry leader: Manufacturer and specialist knowledge based on over 45+ years of experience, products and services from the Global presence.

Comprehensive Service

Even the most reliable systems are not totally immune to faults. When the unthinkable happens, corrective maintenance is urgently required to get the power plant automation system back up and running. Migtech operates a global service network providing professional expert assistance all day every day and can often respond even faster – and at a better price – than local resources: for maximum protection against high outage costs in the event of a fault, look no further.

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