Generator Rental in Dubai

Power Generator, Diesel Generators, Gas Generators and Portable generators are available for immediate delivery.

    Generator Categories

    Power Generators Migtech

    Power Generators

    Our Power generators range in size from 50 KVA to 1250 KVA and are equipped with paralleling and synchronizing capabilities to provide power for multi-megawatt plant projects.

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      Diesel Generator Migtech

      Diesel Generators

      Available from 6.8 – 2,500 kVA, Designed with industrial users in mind, our diesel generator can cover an array of applications and offer a continuous, reliable and safe power supply.

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        Gas Generators Migtech

        Gas Generators

        No need to buy your industrial gases. Make your own. Our wide range of reliable, high purity, on-site gas generators is suitable and safe for all your nitrogen and oxygen needs.

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          Portable Generator Migtech

          Portable Generators

          We offer a full line of portable generators, with the objective of covering all your needs. These are focused on contractors for personal use, who require portable power at a moment.

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            Get your products with Migtech

            Migtech is the premier provider for generator rental service in Dubai. Companies based in various industries – including power plants, oil & gas, petrochemicals, and refineries enlist our services.

            Power failures and surges could lead to equipment failure, and in turn, significant losses, however by opting for generator hire in Dubai, businesses can avoid such troubles at a minimal cost. Our comprehensive services cater to all heavy equipment and generator (power) needs in the UAE. We provide customized solutions for our clients in industries or events requiring generators on standby, including power plants. Our generators, transformers, and other power equipment are all reliable and efficient. We provide long-term and short-term solutions based on our clients’ requirements.

            We aim to deliver uninterrupted power based on your needs. Our generator rental service in Dubai is affordable and is the best in the UAE. For more information, contact us today.

            Advantages of generator rental in Dubai

            The benefits of low-carbon energy are a breakthrough: performance to meet your needs, zero emissions at the point of use, and easily integrated and scalable solutions.

            Best generator rental in Dubai

            As a leading generator rental service in Dubai, we ensure that all our equipment is updated based on the latest technology and is also user-friendly.

            Zero Emissions

            Our hydrogen fuel cells and battery-powered options produce no carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases while in use, making them sustainable, emissions-cutting options.

            Reduced Service & Maintenance

            From no oil changes to zero smog checks or spark plug replacements, all-electric vehicles offer maintenance-free motors, eliminating downtime and costs.

            Decreased Noise

            The silent nature of battery power means job sites can work early mornings and evenings while neighbourhoods enjoy a decrease in motor noise.

            Road Warrior

            Thanks to their high energy density, fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) can go great distances and excel even with heavier loads.

            No Recharge, Rapid Refuel

            Filling up an FCEV takes about as much time as topping off a typical fossil-fuel-powered car or truck, making it ideal for high-utilization vehicles.

            Workhorse Efficient

            Hydrogen fuel cells convert energy directly, making the technology an efficient option able to compete even with fossil-fuel powered alternatives.

            Reduced Infrastructure

            Because they don’t require fast-charging stations, FCEVs eliminate the need for significant power connections and local energy storage.

            Reliable Power Source

            Fuel cells are grid-independent, which means they’re excellent power backups for hospitals, banks, and data/telecommunications centres where outages can be vital.

            Frequently Asked Questions

            If your question is not listed, please email us at [email protected]

            Just make an enquiry through different solution available in our website like WhatsApp Chat, Email, Direct Chat, or by a phone call. We have numerous rental generators available at any given time ranging from 20KW all the way to 2000KW.

            The cost depends on the size and the difficulty of the installation. We can provide an individual estimate that will include the rental generator itself, cabling needed to connect to the building, delivery and installation. We do offer discounts for long-term rentals, however generators are usually priced on a weekly basis.

            Please feel free to contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you have any questions. If a problem cannot be resolved over the phone, we will dispatch a technician to the site day or night to resolve it.

            We have outlined the detailed answer to this very popular question HERE.

            Our generator hire service is offered within 150km of Dubai, UAE. However, you are free to transport the generator to any location within the agreed timeframe. This allows you to optimise the generator’s efficiency while on hire. While the generator is outside of our hire area, we are unable to provide regular ongoing maintenance.

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